Student information system Seminar Report


The aim of the study was to develop a World Wide Web-based course feedback system serving both students and teachers. The system includes generation and analysis of course feedback pages, provision of feedback, and a summary. Student feedback system is developed for the engineering college students. Students give opinion about their faculty members and vice versa.
The purpose of this feedback system is to gather information on learning experience as well as the about lecturer(s) performance in the class.  Student after login into the system, then only is possible to give feedback He has to login with registration number not with the name. He will give the feedback to the faculty member by subject wise. He has five options Excellent, Very good etc. and student has to select one of the five options about faculty in his feedback form. There is a different areas he has to cover individually while giving the feedback like voice strength, Teaching style, Subject knowledge, Behavior and Timing sense. Then He has to submit his feedback with the system. Student can view the Semester results in this system.
Administrator module to avail the facilities college has to register with the system. College user has to append details of the courses offering and branches (EEE, CSE etc). College has to provide Branch name, Branch Code, Course Name and no of Seats. College has to add Faculty members by subject wise, and his/ her full Contact details. They can view details of subjects by branch, Course, Year, Semester and   
regulation wise. College has to register the students in bulk then they will divide into sections. Student can view the details of results in way of promotion and demotion.

·         This system is developed mainly for the purpose of students to give their feed back about their teachers        
·         Student can view his/her semester results and grades in this system.
·         This system is developed for the exclusively for the engineering colleges students and lecturers.
·         Student has to register as a group with a system , it will not accept if  student registered individually.
·         College can register with the system with branch and faculty details.
·         Student has to login with the number not with the name.


Student feedback system is developed for the exclusively for the purpose of students and lectures. In this system students can view their results semester wise. The purpose of this feedback questionnaire is to gather information on your learning experience, as well as your response(s).  When clicking the answer, you have to think of these questions as your subjective perceptions on various aspects of the course and the teacher(s) involved in the program.
 The opinion or information provided by the students is useful for the teacher(s) as well as the University in the ongoing efforts and enhance the quality of education. The opinion provided by the student will be kept confidential. The evolution will be calculated on the basis of total scores from the responses from all students. Student(s) has to mention only his register number, need not to mention his name. Student(s) will give their opinion voice strength, teaching style, subject knowledge, and behavior and timing sense. He has select one option from five options (excellent, very good, good, satisfactory, not satisfactory) and also he has to mention faculty name, subject, branch, and department. This information has to submit with the system.
In admin module only college has to register with the system. College has to add branches with the code number and course name. College has to register faculty members with respected course and Department and their total personal details. University or College has to add subject details in particular branch with syllabus. Registered faculty members are appointed to the respective branches. They have to add feedback questions to the system. College has to register in a bulk, and then they have to segregate as groups and allotted sections to them.

Details of Promoted students to next semester will be kept on system. They can view by student id, course name, branch name, section and year. Feedback will be shown in charts and bars format. Then assessment details can be viewed branch, section, course and year. It will give information about faculty members; they have to improve their performance or vice versa will be notified.

·           It is useful to analyze the performance of the faculty members in engineering college.
·          Students can view their results, attendance by branch wise and id number.
·          Students will give their review about the faculty members in a questionnaire
·          Lecturer(s) appointed to the respective departments, with their experience and qualification.
·         Administrator will introduce the new colleges to the students and lecturers.

                Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
                Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
                RAM                     :         512MB RAM
                Hard Disk             :          40GB          

            Operating System            :            Windows XP
            Database                          :             Sql Server
            Server side technology    :            ASP.Net
            Server side scripting        :             ASP
            Client side scripting         :             HTML
                  Web-Server                :                IIS

           4.1.1 USE CASE DIAGRAM:
·         A use case diagram is a diagram that shows a set of use cases and actors and relationships.
·         Use case commonly contain
Ø  Use cases
Ø  Actors
Ø  Dependency, generalization and association relationships

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