Seminar report On HACKING

                                                           Chapter 1

The modern thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrow's terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb
– National Research Council, "Computers at Risk", 1991

In the present era of rapid growth, information technology is encompassing all walks of life all over the world. These technological developments have made the transition for paper to paperless transaction possible.  We are now creating  new standards of speed, efficiency and, accuracy in communication, which has become key tools for boosting innovations, creativity and increasing overall productivity. Computers are extensively used  in the storage of confidential data of political, social and economic or personal nature which are of immense benefit to the society.
The use of Computers is increasingly spreading, and mo re and more users are connecting to the internet. The internet is a source for almost anybody to access, manipulate and destroy other‟s information. The rapid development of the Internet and computer technology globally has also led to the growth of new fo rms of transnational crimes especially those which are internet related.  These criminal activities directly relate to  the  use of computers,  specifically  illegal trespass into the computer system or database of another, manipulation or theft of stored data, or sabotage of systems and data. C haracteristic feature of these crimes are that these crimes are considered as illegal, unethical or unauthorized behaviour of people relating to the automatic processing and  transmission of data by the use of Computer S ys tems and Networks.  These crimes have virtually  no  boundaries and  may affect any country across the  globe within a fraction of second. Ways of tackling cyber crimes through legislation may vary from one country to  another,  especially  when cyber crimes occur  within a  specific  national jurisdiction with different definition and socio-political environment. 

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