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SBI Associate Bank PO Exam Questions And Answers for 15- November-2014 Morning Batch

SBI Associate Bank PO Exam Questions And Answers for 15- November-2014 Morning Batch

In Morning Sessoin SBI PO online and writing exam was very Tough but some questions are from general awareness and marketing  are very exam is 2 hours and after then 1 hour writing exam also held.
some questions are below.
1.Writer of "the oath vaysputra" book is ?--Amish tripathi
2.full form of SAP.---system application program
3.who give 25 milion us$ for Ebola funds.
4.microprocessor processing speed related terms in followiong.
5.sayna nehwal related to which game----Badminton
6.(PMJDY) PM jan-dhan-yojana inbuilt Rupay debit card what amount Rs. personal accident insurance---1 lakh
Issuance of RuPay Debit Card with inbuilt Rs. 1 lakh personal accident insurance cover provided by HDFC Ergo and a life cover of Rs. 30,000/- provided by LIC
7.One question in random variable on 3 red ball ,4 green ball,5 blue ball drawn from a box 5 question related to this.

8.Some question in  Graphical form and 5-5 question from graphical question.

9.Data interpletion Question is very hard.

10. Arthmatic Question are very less.

After online exam the Written exam also held

1.Letter to Branch manager for install ATM near to your locality .your ATM is 4 km far from your home.
    Letter to News Paper editor for  crime grows woman.
2. Paragraph writing.
      (i)corruption begins with the mind.
      (ii) Haste makes Waste
     (iii)Qualities essential a sucessful life
3.Essays writing
            The establishment NABARD was been a boon for the agriculture sector.
             The Effect of nationalization and   commerical bank  economic growth.

4. it is the paragraph and write ans from paragraph.
5.Precise of a paragarph with suitable title.

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