Project Report on DC Voltmeter using 8051

Digital DC voltmeter Using Microcontroller 8051(Atmel 89x52) have inbuilt ADC Analog to digital converter .We are also provided or tested on computer simulation using simulation software Proteus


Digital DC voltmeter using Microcontroller or microprocessor is a project in which basically voltage of the system or circuit is measure and 7-segment or display on 16x2 Alpha numeric LCD(Liquid crystal display) This project is best suited for learning of voltage measurement and microcontroller or microprocessor based system from electronics or electrical field person or engineering or diploma student. In this project we are using digital measurement method in which we are uses ADC (Analog to digital convertor) to measure digital form of voltage and then processes this digital value using microprocessor or microcontroller 8051 from Atmel(89s52) then display this digital value on 7-segment or 16x2 Alpha numeric LCD. we can also use other microcontroller or microprocessor manufactures by NXP ARM, Microchip’s  PIC18f,PIC12F,PIC16F seriesetc., STM series from STMicrotronics , freescale ,AVR etc. instated of Atmel 8051.Some of Microcontroller
   We can measure voltage using digital voltmeter Using Microcontroller 8051(Atmel 89x52)  and compare with the analog voltmeter reading which almost accurate and we can further develop other meter in future such as ohmmeter, ammeter etc. 

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