The necessity of a low cost electronic home security system designed in co-ordination
with other security measures is always there in our society to reduce the risk of home
intrusion. Keeping this problem in mind, we are working on a project on automatic
password based door lock system using Android Smart Phone. We want to utilize the
electronic technology to build an integrated and fully customized home security system at
a reasonable cost. We hope this project will be useful in keeping thieves, dacoits and
other sort of dangers at bay.
By using this system we can unlock the door by using pre-decided password, increase the
Security level to prevent an unauthorized unlocking. This
automatic password based lock system will give user more secure yet cost-efficient way
of locking-unlocking system.
Firstly the user combination will be compared with prerecorded password stored in the
system memory. If user combination matches with the password, the
door will be unlocked. The same password can be used to lock the door.
This project presents a prototype security door that can be remotely controlled by a
Android application with a Android smart phone acting as the transmitter connected to
the door motor through a bluetooth module interfaced with microcontroller unit and a


 Unlock the door by using pre-decided password.
 Increase the security level to prevent an unauthorized unlocking of the door.
 Lock the door by using password( preferable the same password used for
 To give user more secure yet cost-efficient way of door locking-unlocking system.


Today, most mobile phones are a 'smart phone', which offers more advanced capabilities
in connectivity issues than regular cell phones. According to an investigate by ABI
Research, at the end of 2013, 1.4 billion smart phones has been in use: 798 million of
them run Android, 294 million run Apple’s iOS, and 45 million run Windows Phone .
Smart phone usually support one or more short range wireless technologies such as
Bluetooth and infrared, making it possible to transfer data via these wireless connections.
Smart phone can provide computer mobility, ubiquitous data access, and pervasive
intelligence for almost every aspect of business processes and people’s daily lives.
One of the smart phone applications that have been developed is smart homes technology
Smart home technology is the technologies that are used in homes with various apparatus
converse over a local network. According to the Smart Homes Association the best
definition of smart home technology is: the combination of technology and services
through home networking for a better value of living. This technology can be used to
monitor, alert and execute, according to the desired functions. Smart homes technology
makes automatic connection with environment via Internet, telephone or regular fixed
phones. Smart homes actually have the ability to make life easier and more proper. Home
networking can also offer peace of mind. Whether you're at job or on holiday, the smart
home will aware you to what's going on, and security system can be built to offer some
help in emergency situations. For example, not only would a house owner be woken with
warning of a fire alarm, the smart home would also release doors, call the fire department
and light the pathway to safety . The use of Bluetooth technology in a smart phone
today is not just for the transfer of data and files only. In recent years, smart home
automation is one of the applications of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology
operate over unlicensed, its available at 2.4GHz frequency, it also can link digital devices
within a range of 10m to 100m at the speed of up to 3Mbps but it depending on the
Bluetooth device class . With these qualifications of Bluetooth; we offer a door
automation system based on Bluetooth technology, especially in door automation system.


This is a ongoing project. This project gives basic idea of how to control home security
for smart home, especially for door key locks. We use Motor door lock system as a
prototype for indoor and outdoor key lock system. It also provide a security and easy for
Android phone/tab users. This project based on Android and Atmega 16 platform both
of which are Free Open Source Software. So the implementation rate is inexpensive and
it is reasonable by a common person. Accomplishment of wireless Bluetooth connection
in microcontroller permits the system installation in more easy way. The system has
been successfully designed and prototyped to control the door condition using an Android
Bluetooth-enabled phone and Bluetooth modules via Bluetooth HC-05.
Different hardware and software unit of the system are described. The complete
Application software has been designed using Android Studio, Bluetooth API and
JAVA and XML Language. The application program is tested on various mobile phones
and the results are presented



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